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We are supporting to renovate /construct any type of Wooden Homes . Wood blends with nature and hence wooden house was a source of inspiration. Woodhouse is an excellent concept of one of the oldest building construction system in the world.
The wood houses are globally tried and proved good for mankind for more than two centuries. Wood-houses are a viable alternative for permanent structures as they are comparatively cheaper to assemble. The construction time required is also much shorter compared to conventional methods, 600 sq ft can be assembled in seven days.
The customer will have options in terms of design, layout and colours. A basic model consisting of a bedroom and a bathroom would cost around Rs. 4 lakh. Houses could have verandas, pillars, balconies and high roofs to improve their aesthetics. The wood-house concept can also be taken up on the upper floors of permanent concrete structures to save on costs. Termite-resistant treated pine wood which is importing from Canada is using for the construction.


1. Why should we use Wooden Houses in Cold Destinations?

We all know that the Wooden Houses are best suited in hill stations as it is shield against the cold weather. The Wooden houses protect the inhabitants against the cold climate and providing a warm atmosphere inside the rooms.

2. Is Wooden House cost effective than Concrete /Brick constructions?

The main advantage of these wooden House is easy construction. Compared to a concrete house, the cost can be minimized, which will help the resort parties to save a considerable amount of money.

3. Is it time consuming?

No, absolutely not. You can complete the structure with in a very short period of time .If The time taken for constructing a concrete/brick House extend more than a year, we can complete the wooden House of same squre feet with in a month’s time.

4. Can we shape it as we wish?

Yes, certainly, based on your dream plan we will shape the wood planks and that will be used for construction. Hence in any shape and size we can construct the wooden Houses.

5. Is Multi storied buildings possible by wood?

Certainly, on a strong foundation, you can build single story or multi storied constructions without any issues.Constuctions on a base foundation will be more attractive as it provides an aesthetic view of the surrounding.

6. What about its maintenance?

Yes, it can be easily maintained and cost for maintaining the same will be much lesser than that of the cost incurred for the concrete/brick constructions.

7. What about its durability?

If we maintain it properly, we can extend the shelf life of wooden house to more than 50 Yrs. When we consider about cost of construction, this period of life is very lucrative.

8. How can we generate income from Wooden Houses?

As the cost of construction is low, we can use this technology for the setting up of Resorts, villas, Cottages and bungalows in bulk numbers. In hill stations these wooden houses help the Tourism parties to reduce the gestation period to maximum so that income can be generated within the time frame.

9. Is it suitable for individual stay?

Of course, by setting up of these wooden Houses, the residents can follow a normal routine life in the same way as they stay in a concrete/brick houses. They will get more comfort & relaxation by getting a smooth living environment and peace of mind by reducing the cost.

10. Where exactly it is ideal?

For hill resorts and Forest destinations, wood houses are ideal. When we select the attractions in these places, we should choose the valley view/river view/forest view to get the environment most enchanting.

11. Shall we move it from one place to another?

Sure, that is the biggest advantage of these Houses. We can dismantle and re assemble it as we wish. This help to change your house from one place to another place hassle free.

12. from where these wooden planks are obtained?

These wooden planks are Canadian pine wood. Highly durable & strong wooden planks are imported as per our specified diamensions.Hence quality is fully assured.

13. Can we change the shape of Houses once the plan is finalized?

No, if once you finalize the plan we will order it as per the specified dimensions and based on that the pre fabricated planks in required size will be shipped to us. Hence further modifications will not be possible after issuing work orders.

14. Can it help Environment protection?

Yes, the biggest advantage of these projects are the protection of environment by providing accommodation with natural materials. These environment friendly projects should be promoted by government in hill stations like Ootty.

15. Is it best suitable for ootty Hill station?

Wooden Houses are the best options to control environment pollution in Hill stations like ootty. It is eco friendly and nature friendly and best suitable for Ootty hill stations.

16. Can Government promote these hill stations in Ootty?

Yes, of course, govt can take collective steps to promote wooden Houses in Ootty hill station. It is the duty of the government to promote eco friendly projects like wood Houses in Ootty to increase the life cycle of these destination which is already on maturity stage.

17. How can Government promote Wood Houses in Ootty?

Government can give intensive publicity through media to promote wood Houses in this hill station. It may put restriction to promote other way of constructions as it affects the environment very badly.

18. Should Govt.offer incentive for Wooden House holders?

Certainly, Govt should offer incentive for those Entrepreneurs who come forward to build wooden Houses in ootty. It may be fixed to 15-20 % of the project cost. This offer will help many investors to come forward with Wooden House projects and there by Govt can assure Environment protection in Ooty.

19. Is it possible to form a nodal office to prepare Natural construction policy in Ootty?

Yes, Govt can form a nodal agency to promote wooden houses in Ootty and thereby assure eco a friendly life in this old hill station.

20. What Media can play in this respect?

All press and digital media can play a good role in promoting wooden Houses in Ooty. It is the duty of media to raise voice against environment pollution in ootty and extend whole hearted help & support for our mission’ GREEN & CLEAN OOTTY’


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